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Cryoskin’s newest release is finally here, after much anticipation...Les Spheres by Cryoskin is a secure investment for your business. It is easy to use, delivers fast and visible results. Les Spheres utilizes the mechanical action of the Spheres to break up cellulite. Thanks to the large portfolio of procedures and the possibility to work on most body areas, you can propose tailor made solutions to a large variety of clients.

Session Areas


Reduction of localized fat. Skin lifting and toning.


Relaxing techniques that improve skin tissue and stimulate blood circulation.


Reduction of localized fat, kneading and drainage of the of
the subcutaneous tissues. Relaxing and soothing the skin.

Lower Limbs

Les Sphères method specifically addresses all types of cellulite, including the most resilient ones (adipose cellulite, edematous cellulite, fibrotic cellulite). It can also help to heal heavy legs, improve circulatory issues, tone and firm the skin.

Pelvic Body

Different maneuvers allow you to work specifically from various angles to obtain a reshaping of the waistline and a bum lift effect, as well as a refining of the hips.

100% Natural & Plant Based Oils

The massages are performed using essential oils which will deliver their active components to the skin thanks to the massaging techniques. These essential oils will amplify the results of the procedures and contribute to provide a complete satisfaction to your clients. Our oils are 100% natural and plant-based. They have been developed to enhance specifically the benefits of the procedures: cellulite reduction, abdominal fat reduction, body contouring, relaxation, etc.


The Handpiece

  • Ergonomic: The handpiece Les Sphères is light (1000 g) and compact. It fits perfectly in your hand to prevent any stiffness in your wrist or any fatigue at the end of the day.

  • Easy to clean: you can remove the 45 Sphères cartridge from the handpiece frame to clean it with water in between clients. It is fast and easy.

  • Simple and versatile: no need to change or replace the handpiece. Les Sphères handpiece allows you to operate all procedures for thousands of sessions.

  • The massaging technique consists of kneading the skin and subcutaneous tissues up to the superficial muscle levels, using 4 different movements with the handpiece (bottom-up, back and forward, in half-circles, in waves). These different movements allow you to obtain a variety of desirable results: cellulite reduction, fat reduction, skin toning, drainage, detox, etc.

  • The pressure: You can manually adjust the pressure depending on the client and the protocol. In fact, Les Sphères utilize the resistance of the subcutaneous muscle to increase the effectiveness of the massage.

  • The speed: each protocol comes with a specific speed of the rotation of the 45 Sphères. This speed combined with the massaging technique will create a different type of wave, in order to obtain different results.

The Method

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