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NMS by Cryoskin is the only technology in the world allowing you to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously.


A New Technology for Non-invasive Body Contouring.

The combination of the 2 technologies allows you to obtain an equivalence of contractions much higher than other devices using simple electrostimulation or electromagnetic fields.

Supermaximal contractions build muscle cells both in size and quantity much more quickly than voluntary muscle contractions. In fact, NMS protocols not only initiate the growth of existing muscle cells, but they also add muscle cells.

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How Does it Work?

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NMS is designed to naturally improve physical condition and beauty while perfectly the human body's physiology.

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The device is very durable and has no limit in the number of sessions operated.

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Cooling System

NMS cooling system works with air, no need for cooling liquid.

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Easy Updates

Updates are made on the Google Play Store

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Zero Maintenance

Their is no use of consumables or any spare parts to replace frequently.

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2 Year Guarantee

We have a 2 year international guarantee for the devices and 1 year for the accessories.

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